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Need another brain, a right-hand man?
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Delegate, it'll pay off!

Picotine offers turnkey services, adapted to the needs and budget of your business. By using her services, you’ll be able to focus on what you thrive for, what really matters; business development and your clients.

Meet Picotine, your virtual assistant!

If you ever said: “ If only this day had more hours….If only I could buy a little more time!”

Hi there! So, you’re surfing the net? I guess your emails are up to date?…That your tax report is done? …and what about that invoice your client has been waiting for? Oh! But you have to run to daycare to pick up the little one, oh! and don’t forget to pick up milk on your way back home, otherwise it’s dry cereal for the kids tomorrow morning and black coffee for you!! ….Breathe. I’m here. What if together we took a little time and identify which tasks are time the most time consuming, the ones you are procrastinating and what you could delegate? What if you could buy time? …even a few hours a week! It would change your life, wouldn’t it? How much money is a little peace of mind worth? Knowing that things are getting (well!) done, on time, and that you can finally devote yourself to what is essential to your business. Not to mention time for yourself and your family!

That’s why I created Picotine Virtual Assistant. I’ve worked as an executive assistant for many years, I have friends who own businesses and I witnessed how running a business also means running after time! Trying to meet deadlines, having to order catered meals for the family, leaving a meeting in a hurry to make it on time for hockey practice….! I like helping people, it gives me a purpose, it allows me to feel like I make a difference! Working for you, but most of all with you, allows me to make a difference in YOUR life and that, to me, is rewarding! Breathe again…..Why don’t you just take a few minutes and give me a call! Together we’ll find a way to see what can be delegated in order to create time for you! Go on!…Grab your phone and take 2, it’ll pay off, I PROMISE!



  • Data entry (expense report, inventory, account payables…)
  • Email and appointment management
  • Translation from French to English and vice versa
  • Billing follow ups\accounts receivable
  • Compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondences, etc.


  • Answer calls, book and confirm appointments
  • Live Chat
  • Prequalify leads or clients
  • Customer satisfaction followup, survey


  • Social events planning and coordination such as meetings, team building parties for clients & employees
  • Tradeshow preparation and coordination (research, needs vs. budget, visuals and promotional items…)
  • Business and personal travelling organization – price research, itineraries and reservations
  • Research and analyze needs in order to develop, improve or implement new processes or work tools: (e.g. catalogue of uniforms / work clothes, expense management software or travel …
  • Create training or integration video tutorials

On top of all the services I offer, I have developed a network of exceptional professionals specializing in different fields. By using (or referring) their services, I make sure I can assist you even when your requests are beyond my knowledge (or my available time !)

Although I have many strings to my bow and that I am always willing to learn new things, you get better results when you work with experts !



How does it work ?

How much does it cost ? Where do I sign ?

You can choose to be billed per hour, or by blocks of hours: just the time you need to get the daily, weekly or monthly tasks done.

Like many businesses, you have periods of the year or of the month where work overflows, times when you are MUCH busier, when you’d need a few extra hours a day or a week in order to complete tasks. Why don’t you just delegate !

Not to mention, unexpected tasks, ones that just pop up when you thought you had it all figured out, when you had everything “under control” ! It happens to all of us ! With an extra fee (and realistic deadlines !), yes, I can even get that “emergency” done to !

In order to accurately keep track of the time I spend on your tasks; I punch into time tracking tool that allows me to calculate the time I spend on each task. I can track and report the allocated time for each one of your projects in full transparency !

Once we have defined your needs and reached an agreement, I will provide a service contract with the terms and agreements of our collaboration along with a confidentiality and intellectual property clause.

It’s at that very moment that you will wonder how, all these years, you did it without me ! I will become an indispensable ally, the “wild card” in your professional life.

Why you need a “Picotine” on your team?!

YES, my services represent a 100% deductible expense in addition to being able to recover taxes! Now THAT is fabulous! 


by delegating time-consuming tasks that offer no added value to your business. You will be able to focus on the development of your business and offer the best of yourself to your customers (and also and especially to your family !)


due to the overload (and procrastination!) of various administrative tasks.


By focusing your time and efforts on developing your business and providing quality services to your customers rather than worrying about the administrative burden.


by outsourcing to a professional for whom you don’t have to provide an office space / computer equipment, social benefits, contributions (CNESST, RRQ …), vacation

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